My beginning with photography was intimately related with diving. In 1981 I had already one year doing that, and what I was looking for when I submerged with the first underwater camera I had, was to share with my family and friends something about the wonderful world that opened to my senses in those years.

It was not enough available information for whom at that time and in this country wanted to incursion in underwater photography. The specialized articles that were able to obtain, were written in English and they referred almost exclusively to non existing diving conditions and equipment in these parts. That's why "trial and error" method was the chosen one for the very few that ventured in the subject, and obtaining one or two good pictures in a dive, was more than enough for me. It was during a dive with Avi Klapfer at Coco´s Island, Costa Rica, when I watched him utilizing a whole 36 slides roll to photograph a colony of little harlequin shrimps, when I convinced myself that this effectiveness rate was the normal under the water surface, as he assured me later on board.

Though I read all that felt in my hands, and I was also interested in conventional or "land" photography to mention it in some way, it was not until 1997 that I begun my more formal learning, taking part in several courses at the Foto Club Buenos Aires: Basic Photography, Advanced Photography, Zone System, Expression Workshop, Color Laboratory and Black and White Laboratory Workshop. They were some of my teachers: Mario Binetti, Fernando González Casanueva, Claudio Margolin, Miguel Angel Grecco and Oscar Vazquez. At the Foto Club Argentino I studied Lighting with Claudio Santamaría and Gloria Martínez. Karina Barg guided me to select file material and with Artistic Photography lessons.

In both Institutions I joined in several internal contests and open competitions, getting varied awards and mentions. I wrote articles and also gave courses about underwater photography.

Whenever I had the opportunity to travel, whether it was for job or tourism, I took advantage to take pictures of landscapes, different civic situations an also to do lively photographs of people and characters that I ran into with.

However, it was not until 1998 that I did my first commercial job, when I took part in an expedition to Antarctica, and I photographied fauna and its relationship with human beings. With a selection of this material, they were printed allegoric to year 2000 calendars and postcards, that were sold in main tourist shops at Ushuaia city.

My first exhibition "Life, Texture and Color" was displayed in Foto Club Argentino, Foto Club Buenos Aires, Municipality of Berazategui, Foto Club San Fernando and South-Atlantic Expeditions Association (A.S.E.S.).

In 2003 I participated in the XVII Annual Artistic Photography Hall, sponsored by the Argentine Photography Federation (F.A.F.) representing Foto Club Aires in Journalistic Section, where I won the 3rd Prize and an Acceptation. It was under these circumstances I became more yet enthusiastic about journalistic photography.

For that reason in 2004 and 2005 I studied photojournalism in A.R.G.R.A. (Graphic Reporters of Argentine Republic Association), with Martin Acosta and Tony Valdez respectively.

The intense work during these two years was absolutely motivating, allowing me to keep some distance of the structures I carried from a lot of formal courses, and at the same time encouraged me to be closer to people and begin training my eyes to see a little before and far off, specially in street situations when often we must think faster to success in capturing the scene we are interested about.

The diversity of the covered subjects and, of course the variety of photographic situations they generated, were very important in my training. The intensity of the edition work of my own material and also of my classmates, where all of us could contribute with our points of view at the same time we were learning, enriched my knowledge and I think it was a very good new starting point to see forward in this way where every day people can learn and enjoy.

At present, my activity is mainly oriented to photojournalism and documentary photograph.

P.S.: Sorry for my poor English ! : )

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